WGC Carnival - 11th July 2020


Welwyn Garden City Carnival

The Carnival is coming!

You may have heard the rumours, but our plans are finally starting to come together. To celebrate our town’s centenary in 2020, we will be partying on Parkway on the 11th July from 11am.

At 2pm, a loud, colourful parade will set off travelling from Gosling into the town centre to Campus, dancing its way back down Parkway returning to Gosling. There will be plenty of entertainment for all ages, a huge selection of tempting foods from around the world washed down with the liquid refreshment of your choice, and many more surprises on the way!

So, how can you get involved?

We need groups of friends, organisations or clubs with the most energetic members who are prepared to be silly and noisy and entertain thousands of people! We want dancers, gymnastics, jugglers and custard-pie flingers to join the procession and travel the 2.2m miles around our town. Fire breathing Chinese dragons, dinosaurs and pantomime horses are most welcome too!

If you and your group would like to be part of a fabulous day’s entertainment please get in touch here:

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The WGC Carnival Organising Team

Madeleine Clarke

Carnival Organiser

Madeleine has worked at Hatfield House since moving to WGC in 2001. Prior to that her CV highlights include being a Bluecoat at Pontins, an overseas entertainer in Portugal, through to the very serious world of corporate IT acquisitions in London during the 1990’s. Now managing the estates’ property portfolio, she has built up an incredible useful database of contacts which she is shamelessly exploiting to produce the best Carnival she can deliver.

Andrew Turnbull

Carnival Organiser

I am proud to be involved with the group in helping to deliver Carnival 2020 in support of our wonderful towns centenary.I have lived in Welwyn Garden City for over 25 years during which time myself and my three children have enjoyed the local amenities and countryside around Welwyn Garden City.My children have attended both Applecroft and Stanborough local schools and I myself have been involved in working with and supporting numerous companies in around the town. My current work involves a lot of analysis (!) and managing projects and information, so I am sure my experience will help me contribute as Treasurer to the successful Carnival organisation and delivery in July 2020!

Brian Hubbard

Carnival Organiser

Having lived in Essex, Kent, Wales, London, Australia, and a cabin on a ship that cruised the world I have been very happy to call Welwyn Garden City my home since 2002. I carefully selected this lovely place to live by putting a pin on the map North of London and spending half a day here to check it out! It felt like a great place to settle and I have never looked back. I live in the Handside area with my wife and two children and we all enjoy everything Welwyn Garden City has to offer so it’s a great privilege to be part of the team planning the carnival to celebrate the centenary year. As a professional photographer and designer I bring creativity to the team.


The Foundation can accept no responsibility for the organisation or regulation of any satellite events arranged to mark the centenary of Welwyn Garden City. This includes but is not limited to public liability insurance, health and safety issues (including risk assessments, Performance Licenses and safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults), transport, hiring of facilities, and any costs associated. The use of the Foundation name and logo does not infer any specific oversight or involvement of the Foundation unless stated.”