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WGC Centenary celebrations are kicked off

Preparations are well underway for the celebration of WGC’s centenary in 2020.

The WGC Photographic Club is the first off the starting blocks in announcing and arranging its contribution to the celebrations, starting this week, with annual photo competitions in 2017 and in the years leading up to and including 2020.

Working with WGC schools and the recently established WGCV centenary Foundation, pupils from the town’s primary, secondary, private and special schools are being invited to submit photographs they have taken to a judging panel which will award prizes and certificates to the winning contestants.

The competitions are open only to youngsters at WGC schools and the intention is to help to engage young people across the town with their heritage and their community.

Dr Dennis Lewis, a member of the Centenary Delivery Group, said: “The photographs that these young people take will also give us a unique record of our town and the people who live in it during our centenary years.”

Richard White, vice-chairman of the WGC Photographic Club said: “We’re delighted to be the first organisation to start the ball rolling towards the centenary year in 2020. In partnership with the schools and supported by the Centenary Foundation, we are organising a series of annual photographic competitions in 2017. 2018 and 20190, culminating in a ‘roll-up’ event in the centenary year, 2020”.

Peter Brown, head teacher at Stanborough School and convenor the heads of schools in WGC, is the Chairman of the Joint Working Group set up by Dr Dennis Lewis, David Kell and Graeme Bell from the WGC Centenary Foundation.

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