Centenary Christmas Tree at the St Francis Church Christmas Tree Festival 2018

St Francis Church Christmas Tree Festival, 8/9 December 2018

Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation
The Centenary Foundation joined in the St Francis Church Christmas Tree Festival on 8th and 9th December 2018 at St Francis Church in Welwyn Garden City. Our theme this year is Countdown to Celebrations!

The tree is decorated with “champagne” bottles and party poppers to put us in the party mood,  along with the more traditional crackers and baubles.

The eagle-eyed youngsters will also spot several small packets of chocolate buttons, in lieu of party bags.  Why?  Because there is also a competition to guess the number of holes in 100 buttons contained in a jar – of course not all buttons have the same number of holes!  The nearest guess to the right number on each of the two days will win a full size bag of chocolate buttons.

Jenny McCann (left) and Jackie Robinson who set up the Christmas Tree

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