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Sport Newsletter No 5 – Winter 2019

In summary - we have 47 Clubs taking part across 26 sports. In addition, the Primary and Secondary Schools are fully involved with a range of events planned, and the town’s central sports and leisure facilities, Gosling Sports Park, Stanborough Park and so on will be hosting events.

It hardly seems any time at all since we started 2019, our Year of Engagement, wondering just how we were going to get through all that needed to be done. Well, it has been a bit of a slog but, thanks to everyone in the many Clubs and Sponsors involved, a very rewarding slog and we have achieved a great deal.

The programme of events starts on the 1st February and finishes on the 6th December. A calendar of all the events, as they stand at the moment, is attached. This is also on the Centenary Website where it can be updated so that it reflects the current position.

Our Meetings With Clubs

Throughout the year we have met with every Club at least once and, for several Clubs, more than once as we have worked together to decide on the scope and scale of each event. One of the most positive outcomes of these meetings has been the enthusiasm and inventiveness shown by everyone, and also the willingness of Clubs to work together where this will enable bigger and better events to be put on. Hopefully, all of this will prove to be very beneficial for sport in Welwyn Garden City in the years ahead. Clubs taking part are shown on the attached calendar.

Garden City Rivalries

Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club, Welwyn Garden City Rugby Club, Welwyn Garden City Football Club and Welwyn Hatfield Community Badminton are all arranging matches against their counterparts in Letchworth, thus keeping up a century of friendly rivalry.


A very important aspect of this year has been the engagement of sponsors from across a wide range of local businesses. Again, their willingness to provide not only funds but also suggestions, backed by a desire to be involved in the events which they are sponsoring, has shown that Centenary Sport is appreciated throughout the town. The following companies are our sponsors for the events that will be arranged by Clubs:

Austins Funeral Directors, Crane and Staples Solicitors, Tesco,
Absolute Blinds, Welwyn Hatfield Council, Waitrose,
Greys Hairdressing, GSK, BID,
Martin & Co Estate Agents, HRJ Foreman Laws Solicitors, Saunders Architects,
J J Burgess & Sons, The Two Willows, John Lewis

(see below for list of companies supporting the Petit Tour cycling event).

We have arranged several meetings between Clubs and Sponsors and will continue to do so in the early part of 2020. Thanks to everyone involved for taking the time to do this. Our hope is that some of these relationships will continue into future years.

Trophies and Medals and so on

After researching the market we decided to ask Concord Trophies and Sportswear Ltd in Hertford to be our supplier for trophies, medals and other items. Some of you have already seen the designs that will be used but, for those who have not, here are a couple of photos which I hope gives some idea of what we intend (the first medals are yet to be made).

Sports for All - WGC100 Medals and Trophies
The trophy, made of Jade Glass is 10” tall. Each one will be engraved with “Welwyn Garden City Centenary” and the name of the event/tournament/competition, plus the name of the winner. The Centenary’s logo and our Sports logo will be engraved and also the name/logo of the sponsor. Some events will just be held in 2020, others will also take place in succeeding years and the design of the trophy will enable the names of future winners to be added.

The medals, in antique ‘gold’, are 50cm and will come in a variety of forms: plain or with a Centenary Sport lanyard. They will be boxed and, where appropriate, will contain a plate (gold, silver or bronze) to denote the type of award, plus details of what it is for. Some great memories for many people.

Concord have been very willing to work with us to introduce variations to trophies and medals where we have agreed certain arrangements with Clubs.

We will also, thanks to the generosity of J J Burgess and Sons, present a commemorative plaque to each Club to recognise their participation.

Dragonboat Racing

The planning for the spectacular event on the 5th July at Stanborough Park has been going well. The event will be managed by Matt Rayner and his team in the Council working with Emily Nicholls and the Better team at Stanborough Park and Gable Events who will provide the Dragonboats themselves. There will be a mixture of teams drawn from local Sports Clubs, businesses and other groups of people in the town so there should be someone you know for you to come along and support. Several of the boats have already been reserved by Companies and Clubs, but there is still an opportunity for your Club or company to take part, just go to https://www.welhat.gov.uk/events/dragon-boat-racing-festival

Thanks to the generosity of the companies who have signed up, community groups will be able to take part at a much reduced cost and we will also have the boats for Monday the 6th July for the Secondary Schools to have a go as well.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.

The Petit Tour

Planning for the Petit Tour on the 28th June, with a number of cycle races for all ages and abilities and with plenty of other entertainment for those who come along to watch, is going well and is shaping up to be a superb event. Welwyn Wheelers are organising this with support coming from a number of organisations:

In addition, several local companies will be sponsoring particular races. It will be a great occasion.

A Centenary Quiz

Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club have offered to organise a Centenary Quiz on the 27th October and all Clubs and Sponsors will be invited to enter a team; a great way to end the year. Anne Vine will be writing to you all about this shortly, but note the date in your diary.

Forward to 2020

So, here’s looking ahead to 2020, our Year of Achievement and Success. Wishing you all a happy Christmas.

If your Sport or Club is not involved yet, or you would simply like to know more, please get in touch with us by using the links on the first page.

We encourage you to find out more about the Centenary plans as a whole by looking at the main website: http://www.wgccentenary.org/ and signing up to the mailing list.

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