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Sport Newsletter No 4 – Summer 2019

The Planning Continues - So far this year we have been concentrating on meeting as many Clubs as possible, and several for the second or third time, as we continue to encourage and refine the various ideas and plans that come forward.

This has now concluded and we know that we have a tremendous range of sports, Clubs, Schools and Youth Groups committed to make 2020 a year to remember.

In summary: 47 Clubs will take part, representing 25 Sports, and 3 Secondary, 16 Primaries and 2 Special Schools will take part as well as Scouts, Cubs, Guides, Brownies and the various Cadet groups.  We expect several thousand people to be involved across all sports and for many more to come and see what the town’s Sports Clubs have to offer.

A good outcome from our discussions is that several Clubs want to arrange a fixture against their counterparts in Letchworth so we will be able to see just who comes out on top in a Garden City contest.

Many Clubs have been developing special centenary tournaments between themselves which they hope can be repeated in future years, giving us a real legacy from the Centenary.

Funding and Sponsorship

We have mentioned to you all our wish to provide some tangible reward for all your efforts and to provide something for those taking part to remind them about what took place.  With terrific help from our Fundraiser, Catherine Farrell and our Marketing Manager, Kate Adam, we have been very successful and we are confident that we will be able to provide Trophies for winning Clubs and individuals, medals for competitors, plaques for Clubs to display in their Club Houses to show that they took part, and, where possible,  t-shirts to proclaim I Was There.  We are now seeking tenders from companies to provide these and will report more next time.

We have contacted all Clubs to ensure that we know just what is needed.

The companies who have so far agreed to support Sport For All are:

Some companies have offered to support particular sports, others are leaving it to us to decide which sports.  We will be following up with each Club to agree how to take this forward.  Hopefully, this may be the start of a longer term relationship between the sponsors and the Clubs.

Our MP Is Involved

He might not be competing himself, but Grant Shapps is very keen to be involved, provide support where he can and come along to as many events as possible.  John Beech and Eric Walsby have met him to outline what is planned and he was very enthusiastic.


The announcement by GLL that the Sports Hall would close on 31st March has caused problems for some Clubs. Thankfully, discussions between the Save Gosling User Group and GLL have resulted in an agreement for the Sports Hall to remain open, albeit on a reduced availability basis. This means that Badminton and Squash will continue and, possibly, some Martial Arts activities.

GRANT SHAPPS MP with the Sport for All Team

This means that Badminton and Squash will continue and, possibly, some Martial Arts activities. The Gymnastics Club and the Bridge Club have relocated to the other building so the problems have not been as significant for Centenary Sport as we feared, although Phoenix Athletics do not feel able to plan any events at Gosling for the Centenary. Welwyn Wheelers, however, will be going ahead with Omnium events.

There will be several events at Stanborough Park, making full use of their wide range of facilities.

Dragonboat Racing

We are planning to hold a spectacular event on the 5th July at Stanborough Park which will be managed by Matt Rayner and his team in the Council. The intention is for teams drawn from local Sports Clubs, businesses and other groups of people in the town to take part, so there should be someone you know for you to come along and support. More on this next time.

Le Petit Tour

It now looks certain that the Petit Tour will go ahead on the 28th June with a number of cycle races for all ages and abilities and with plenty of other entertainment for those who come along to watch. Welwyn Wheelers will organise this with support coming from a number of organisations:

It will be a great occasion.


Six Clubs have got together to organise, for the first time, an inter-club competition. It will be run on a Triples League Basis. Each Club will play each of the other Clubs with one match of 3 mixed triples (with any combination of men/women over the 3 triples playing on each occasion). Matches are to be arranged between the Clubs themselves to be played between the start and end of the outdoor season. Matches will normally be played mid-week (Monday-Friday) mornings or afternoons to suit the two Clubs playing.

All of the Clubs: Welwyn Garden City, Parkside, Welwyn, Shire Park, Hatfield and De Havilland, are keen for people to go and watch and, hopefully, become interested enough to take up the sport. A special Centenary trophy will be presented to the winning Club.


Welwyn Garden City Swimming Club hold an annual Gala using Hitchin Swimming Pool. For the Centenary they will invite a number of other Clubs in Hertfordshire to participate. This is a major event and it will consist of a programme of races for boys and girls from 9 years upwards with a final squadron competition at the end – a relay race for the various Clubs to compete together. It will be held on a Saturday in mid-September 2020.

They are also keen to arrange a Lifesaving event at Stanborough Lakes either in conjunction with the Dragonboat event or the Sailing Club Gala – more information in future Newsletters.

Swimming in WGC
Life Saving Training at Stanborough Lakes


This is a very popular sport, for all ages. Garden City Orienteers are planning several events throughout the year. The key one will be an Urban Orienteering event in the town centre on Sunday 14th June – The Centenary Map Challenge. Maps will be provided for competitors and these will feature particular landmarks in the town to enable competitors to navigate their way around the route. Other events during the year will take place in other parts of the town, again enabling those taking part to find their way around via key locations. Orienteering is a growing sport and Garden City Orienteers hope that the various events will introduce the sport to many people and encourage them to take part.

So, Who Is Doing What – a brief update

Suggested events and activities include:

Athletics (Phoenix Athletics Club) – a Road Race.

Badminton (Welwyn Hatfield Community Badminton Network, DK Way Academy, and GSP Badminton) – Adult and Junior Tournaments and an elite match against a team from Denmark.
Bowls (Welwyn Garden City, Parkside, Welwyn, Shire Park, Hatfield and De Havilland Clubs) – Open Days and an inter-club tournament.
Bridge (Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club) – a Safari event.
Cricket (Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield Hyde and Hatfield & Crusaders Clubs) – possibly a centenary match against Letchworth and a competition between all the Clubs.
Cycling (Welwyn Hatfield Cycling and Welwyn Wheelers) – the Petit Tour racing event in the Town Centre, a “Come and Try It” session and, possibly a social cycling tour and also Cyclo Cross and an Omnium event.
Golf (Welwyn Garden City, Mill Green, Panshanger and Brocket Hall Clubs) – An inter-Club tournament, Open Days and youth competitions.
Gymnastics (Gosling Gymnastics Club and Valdez Gymnastics Club) – a competition with other local Clubs.
Hockey (Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club) – a tournament.
Lacrosse (Welwyn Warriors Lacrosse Club) – a junior tournament and a Centenary match.
Martial Arts (Bushin Martial Arts) – various competitions and Taster sessions.
Netball (SAS Netball Club and Welwyn Hatfield Netball League) – Senior and Junior tournaments linked to a Festival of Netball.
Orienteering (Herts Orienteering Club) – several competitions.
Rugby (Welwyn Rugby Club) – a Touch Rugby competition and a Family Fun Day, and possibly a match against Letchworth.
Running and Triathlon (Garden City Runners) – a 20.20k run.
Running and Triathlon (Active Training World) – several events ranging from a Half Marathon, through 10k and 5k runs and a Family 2K and two triathlons.
Sailing – (Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club) – a Regatta at Stanborough Lakes on 27 June.
Senior Football (Welwyn Garden City FC and Lemsford FC) – tournaments and a match against Letchworth.
Squash (Gosling Squash Club) – a Senior and Junior tournament.
Swimming (Welwyn Garden Swimming Club) – a Gala and some events based around Lifesaving.
Table Tennis (Spins, Orchard and Digswell Table Tennis Clubs) – a tournament.
Tennis (Dellcott, Orchard, Digswell and Gosling Tennis Clubs) – inter-club tournaments, and Mini Tennis.
Volleyball (Welwyn Hatfield Volleyball Club) – a tournament.
Yoga – public demonstration and a come-and-try it session
Youth Football (Panshanger Football Club, Lemsford FC, Pegasus FC and Welwyn Garden City FC) – several events including the Summer Football Tournament at Panshanger Football Club with a Centenary Fair Play award, tournaments at the other Clubs.

If your Sport or Club is not involved yet, or you would simply like to know more, please get in touch with us here:

We encourage you to find out more about the WGC Centenary plans as a whole by looking at the main website hereand signing up to the Newsletter here.

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