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Society of Garden Designers Update

The Society of Garden Designers (SGD) have added an update to their web site about the Welwyn Garden City Garden competition for Chelsea 2020.

The article reads:

The Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation (WGCCF) is delighted by the interest shown in the competition to design a Centenary Garden which will have its debut at RHS Chelsea in May 2020 and then return to the town for all to enjoy.

Over 80 designers expressed an interest in the competition, of whom 50% participated in the town tours, resulting in 24 submissions. The shortlisted entries are

• Appleton & Co Design
• Mazzullo + Russell Landscape Design
• Richard Riddell Garden & Landscape Design
• Williams & Towner Studio

Lady Salisbury, Patron of the WGC/RHS Chelsea 2020 project and verifier of the shortlist, commented:

“It is very exciting that the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation has attracted the interest of so many talented garden designers. Not only well-established professionals have applied, but also gifted new young designers who all hope that their entry will be chosen for Chelsea 2020. Inspired by their tour of Welwyn Garden City and the prevailing spirit of Ebenezer Howard’s vision of ‘the marriage of Town and Country’, the winning design will be brought back to the town where it will be enjoyed by all.”

Following submission of further details of their design and a model of the garden for final judging in March 2018, the shortlisted entrants will be paid an honorarium of £1,000. The overall winner will be announced in April 2018. The shortlisted designs will remain confidential after the competition closes next April, in accordance with RHS guidelines.

Participants will recall that to commemorate this signature event, the WGCCF will be producing a short publication on the competition process with a selection of the designs submitted including those which are shortlisted. This will be published with the kind assistance of the Lady Margaret Paterson Osborn Trust. We intend to include an Appendix with details of all the designers who expressed an interest in the competition together with any comments or feedback. Please email your contribution to [email protected] by Friday 9th March 2018. Should you prefer not to be included in the Appendix, please advise by this date to the email above.

The Centenary Garden is one of many planned events to celebrate 100 years of Welwyn Garden City and its innovative idea of healthy living. To keep up to date with progress, please register your interest via the WGC centenary website.

To see the article follow this link: SGD Web Site

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Ann Aldridge - Part of the Centenary Garden Team

Ann Aldridge

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