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Second session of installing way markers – 2nd November, 2019

With the Stanborough Lakes section of the walk in our sights, David and I set off at 8.00am on a rather damp Saturday morning. The forecast wasn’t good so we donned our best waterproof gear on andset off on our bikes to Stanborough South Lake.  We started from the gazebo on the lake, opposite the restaurant, heading towards Mill Green. Learning from Deb and Clare’s experience from the previous week, we took an electric drill with us to prep the holes before hammering in the nails. We think it helped although we must have looked quite odd to carrying a drill and hammer and I was quick to explain what we were doing to  the the few early walkers that passed us.
It wasn’t long before the rain came but we carried on to Mill Green and put to the footpath leading into Mill Green Golf Club.  We headed back and had a cup of tea in the cafe.  As the rain increased wecycled home to warm up and then took the car to the Great North Road where we completed the stretch from under the A1 bridge (which was surprising still not flooded) and onto where we started. So it had taken us the whole morning to install 40 way markers but it’s always nice to be out in the fresh air!

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The Centenary Walk Organising Team

David Harrison - Part of Centenary Walk Team

David Harrison

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Deborah Kirby

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Jan Kitchin

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Clare McIntyre

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Diana Walsh

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