Centenary Walk

More waymarker posts being installed

Last Tuesday, a group of volunteers were out and about in Stanborough, the Commons and Digswell, digging holes and installing new waymark posts in locations where the previous posts either didn’t exist or were too wobbly to be useful.  The smart new posts were made from an oak tree that had fallen naturally in Sherrardspark Woods some time ago, so it felt right to be able to use locally produced timber for this task.  With the help of tea and cake, the Sherrardspark Wood Wardens and Countryside Management Service volunteers made short work of installing 13 new posts and attaching Centenary Walk arrows and the task was complete by lunchtime.

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The Centenary Walk Organising Team

David Harrison - Part of Centenary Walk Team

David Harrison

Deborah Kirby - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Deborah Kirby

Jan Kitchin

Jan Kitchin

Clare McIntyre - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Clare McIntyre

Diana Walsh - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Diana Walsh

Pat Wells - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Pat Wells


The Foundation can accept no responsibility for the organisation or regulation of any satellite events arranged to mark the centenary of Welwyn Garden City. This includes but is not limited to public liability insurance, health and safety issues (including risk assessments, Performance Licenses and safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults), transport, hiring of facilities, and any costs associated. The use of the Foundation name and logo does not infer any specific oversight or involvement of the Foundation unless stated.”