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Letter to Sports Clubs, Schools and other organisations.

The letter below has been sent to:

64 Clubs, covering 26 Sports, 7 Secondary Schools/Colleges/Special Schools, 16 Primary SchoolsGuides and Scouts3 Sports Organisations

Responses are coming in with all replies showing keen interest and with some very helpful suggestions for events. The Sports Group will analyse the responses and begin discussions with Clubs, Schools and others.

If your Club has not received a letter, please let us know.


Dear (Club Chair/Secretary/Captain etc),

WELWYN GARDEN CITY CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS – WANT TO JOIN IN?You may already be aware that Welwyn Garden City will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2020 and that a series of special events will be promoted by the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation, a voluntary organisation created for the purpose. Many events are already being planned and the Foundation has identified Sport as a key area to highlight some of the great facilities, amenities and activities the town has to offer as well as notable achievements over past years.

A sub-group, the WGC Centenary Sports Co-ordination Group, has been formed with the aim of encouraging, facilitating and co-ordinating sporting events, and it is on their behalf I am writing to you to ask if your club/association/school would be interested in joining in the festivities perhaps by arranging a special centenary event or joining with another group to do so.The sort of events you might wish to think about could include a one-off tournament against other clubs/schools; a period costume (and equipment) competition; an open event for beginners or children etc; or simply a celebration of your own sport. If you can involve local ‘personalities’ or sports stars – the Garden City has helped to produce some top-class performers across a range of sports – all the better!

These are just a few ideas, which I am sure can be improved on – you, of course, are the experts in your own sports – but the main idea is to generate fun, create some lasting memories and showcase the facilities and activities that your club/association/school has to offer.

For our part, the Foundation will offer support by preparing and publicising a calendar of activities, co-ordinating where needed, helping to promote and advertise individual events, and where possible, providing some form of material or financial assistance which may include contributing towards the purchase of prizes, medals or trophies.I appreciate of course that, although 2020 is still a way off, many clubs and societies will already have a pretty full calendar of regular and special fixtures. However, we have already had a generous offer in July 2020 to promote a special commemoration version of the popular Petit Tour cycling event which takes place annually in the town centre, and we would very much like to build a programme of events not only in the week around that, but also spread across the rest of the year. Gosling Sports Park and Finesse Leisure are also keen join in the celebration by offering up activities at their facilities.

Please do think about the possibilities for promoting both your club/association/school and the town, and do not hesitate to get back to me as soon as you can with any questions, queries, suggestions and ideas. In the meantime, it would be very helpful if you could respond to this letter and email me ([email protected]) to confirm receipt or let me know if you are not the correct contact point.

You might also like to look at our page on the Centenary website: http://wgc100.org/centenary-sport-for-all/ which we will keep up to date as arrangements progress.

With kind regards,

John Beech
On behalf of the Centenary Sport Coordination Group (CSCG)

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