Centenary Walk

Guided Walk Saturday 9th February, 2019

Following the successful Guided Walk on 8th September ’18, walkers and stakeholders were again invited to join the Centenary Walk Team to walk the 12.5 miles (20.20 kms) of the centenary circuit.

This time we met at 10.00am at Stanborough South Lake outside the café and Terranova restaurant  (our thanks to Better for use of their facilities) again, walking the circuit in an anti clockwise direction heading off towards Mill Green. 

We were over double the number this time with nearly 50 of us setting off and with the sunshine showing off the Lake and it’s surroundings beautifully. It was so bright we wished we had our sunglasses with us! 

We passed through Mill Green and on through the Golf Course reaching Commons Wood. The paths were quite muddy here following the rain but everyone was well equipped with sturdy boots. As we traversed the stream leaving the wood we were able to share the good news that the proposed bridge should be completed by June this year. 

The group walked at a steady pace and we were delighted that we managed to keep as one group for most of the walk. David again was lead, with the rest of the five members of the team at intervals throughout the group.

We reached Tewin Bury Farm, just in time for lunch and we were warmly welcomed with a sign to The Stable. This barn had been made available for our use to eat our packed lunches as well as purchase teas, coffees and beer which was an unexpected treat! It was such a welcome break to sit down and rest in the warm. Our thanks go to Tewin Bury Farm.

Start of the Centenary Walk Guided Walk on 09 02 19
Start of the Centenary Walk Guided Walk taken by Pat Wells
Walking past the lake on the Centenary Walk Guided Walk on 09 02 19
Walking past the lake on the Centenary Walk Guided Walk

Taking off our elegant blue over boots, we contined our walk towards Digswell feeling much refreshed then on under the viaduct which never fails to impress.  Reaching Sherrards Park Wood I could see the long line of walkers weaving through the woods on our final ‘leg’.  It was a convenient place for local walkers to peel off home, but the rest of us carried on to Brocket Park and then pretty Lemsford Village by the Mill.  Before we knew it we were back at the entrance to Stanborough Lakes walking under the bridge and along to the North Lake.

We were back at 3.30pm (half an hour quicker than in September) outside the Stanborough Café ready for the final photograph of the 27 (including the photographer!) of us who completed the whole circuit.

Our thanks go to all participants.  We were pleased also to be joined by Peter Waine Chairman of the Centenary Foundation, Julian Payne Treasurer and Caroline Payne. Rosie Brewis, Steve Williams and Pat Williams from the City of Trees Project Team.

The Centenary Walk Team

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The Centenary Walk Organising Team

David Harrison - Part of Centenary Walk Team

David Harrison

Deborah Kirby - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Deborah Kirby

Jan Kitchin

Jan Kitchin

Clare McIntyre - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Clare McIntyre

Diana Walsh - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Diana Walsh

Pat Wells - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Pat Wells

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