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Centenary looking to replace old boat at Stanborough Roundabout

News article in the Welwyn Hatfield Times for 4th July 2018.


What should be done to roundabout?

How would you like to see the Stanborough boat roundabout improved?

The WGC Centenary Foundation is inviting suggestions from the public on how to smarten up this busy entrance to the town in the run up to its 100th anniversary in 2020.

The Foundation’s Gateways Team is keen to make sure key routes into the town, by car, rail, foot and bike, are tidied up and in tip-top condition in time for the Garden City’s milestone year.

Gateways Team leader Dr Dennis Lewis told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “My personal view is everything has its time, and it’s time for the hulk to disappear. It’s served its purposed, what ever that was, and what we need now is something that’s unique to celebrate the centenary.  The Centenary Foundation has from the start stated that the celebration should be inclusive.  Everyone should feel they’re included, not just in the celebration but the planning so, we would like to ask for suggestions on what should replace HMS Wreckage.  It’s not an inspiring sight.”

Welwyn Hatfield Council issued a joint statement on behalf of the council and Centenary Foundation, saying: “We are committed to making 2020 a year of celebration for WGC and are working closely in readiness to mark the centenary milestone.  We’ve been talking together for a number of months and the council is advising and assisting the different groups across many of their planned projects, all of which are at different stages.”

The council maintains the roundabout under its Servo grounds maintenance contract and “is very keen to hear more about the project team’s ideas and how we can facilitate them moving forwards.”

It was added: “Unlike other roundabouts where crews can access them more easily, the Stanborough roundabout has fast moving traffic approaching from all directions, which is why lower maintenance plants and grasses were used rather than more ornate landscape designs.”.

“The original intention was for the roundabout to reflect its natural surroundings and promote Stanborough Park by using the boat, pebbles and large grasses, but we appreciate that many from the community would like to see something different here and look forward to progressing with our discussions.”

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