Garden City Lights 2020

Our Centenary year of celebrations will start as we light up the town! On January 17 and 18, the Garden City will be illuminated using landmarks as a backdrop to a spectacular and inspiring experience. Follow the trail around Wonderful Welwyn Garden City town centre to discover and engage with the many interactive light installations at this free event. 

The event will involve the local community, schools, universities and artists, telling the story of Welwyn Garden City and embracing the town for the next 100 years.

Lantern and music parades will start the celebrations on each of the festival days.

Welwyn Garden City BID in partnership with Route Canal Arts are working with 7 schools in the town to run a series of workshops showing them how to make lanterns using traditional lantern making techniques, before they take part in the Garden City Lights parade 2020.

The parade will start at the Howard Centre; paraders will walk along the front of the Howard Centre’s main entrance, down Stonehills (which will be closed for safety) and back in to the Howard Centre through the back entrance where the parade will end.

Please note we anticipate the weather to be very cold, it could even be snowing so come prepared!

For further information, please follow this link: Garden City Lights

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The Launch & Finale Organising Team

Photo of Mariana Bitonte

Mariana Bitonte

Photo of Dr Malcolm Day

Malcolm Day


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