City of Tomorrow – Cancelled


24 Apr 2020 - 02 May 2020


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


This Event has been CANCELLED


£13 (Season Ticket Holders £10)


Barn Theatre
01707 324300
[email protected]

100 years of England – comic, tragic, farcical and thrilling – seen through the eyes of two young people looking at the history of the Garden City. A must see for anyone with a love for our town, its history and its future.

Adam and Gemma, two kids from either side of the tracks, meet at the birthday celebrations of the Garden City. As they quarrel, banter and flirt their way round the landmarks of their birthplace, the ghosts of the past century come alive before us.

We see the Garden City’s founders in a bluebell meadow, dreaming of future ways of life, the early joys of dances and drama clubs, the darker shadows of looming war; then the black-shirts, the welcoming of refugees, the onslaught of technology and the Market, the rise of celebrity culture, the dark shadows of the web.

Meanwhile Linnet, a modern-day visionary, dreams of a City of Girls and makes a dangerous enemy…

A must see for anyone with a love for our town, its history and its future.


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