Welwyn Garden City Arboretum

City of Trees – Welwyn Garden City Arboretum

One of the greatest pleasures of Welwyn Garden City is the beauty and variety of over 19,000 trees in its streets and public places. The ‘City of Trees’ project (an urban arboretum) will celebrate this legacy. This project is one of the Signature Events for the 2020 celebrations in Welwyn Garden City.

Information about the trees is to be collated by volunteers and, with the help of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, will be used to develop a series of walks, with related maps, featuring interesting areas of tree planting and individual trees of particular interest. This will be delivered to the public via a website and printed material. The information will also provide an educational resource for schools.

From an idea by Andrew Carnegie. Developed with the assistance of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, the members of WGC Horticultural Society, Sherrards Park Wood Wardens, and other volunteers in the Garden City.

A number of tree trails based in areas of the town with concentrations of noteworthy trees. Areas being worked on at the moment include:

Maps (both for printed leaflets and the website) will outline the route of the Tree Trail then highlight particular areas of interest. (see below)

The City of Trees - An Urban Arboretum

Cooperation & Links

The City of Trees project will cooperate with the Centenary Walk project so that the Walk and Tree Trails can be cross – referenced as appropriate. Detailed maps and database information is being provided by the Tree Officer of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. Wood Wardens from Sherrardspark are heavily involved in finding a suitable route in that area. The City of Trees website will have links to other relevant organisations such as the Woodland Trust and details of useful ‘apps’ to aid identification of trees, eg ‘Leafsnap’ from the Natural History Museum.

In addition to the main Tree Trails there will be at least two junior trails suitable for children.

The website will have a blog to allow seasonal ‘posts’ alerting users to what is worth seeing in that week. There are avenues of trees where the spring blossom will only last a week or two but it is worth making a special visit to view . The same will apply in the autumn to see the best blazes of late colour. Some of the Tree Trails will feature the best of the seasonal colour with illustrated Spring and Autumn walks.

A tree database on the website will give details of tree types: common name, botanical name, description, notable features, best time of year to see etc.

Meet the City of Trees Organising Team

Photo of Rosie Daniel

Rosie Brewis

Alison Ewington

Alison Ewington

Photo of David Kell

David Kell

Photos of Steve Williams

Steve Williams


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