Centenary WALK

A circular walk around Welwyn Garden City

We are fortunate in Welwyn Garden City to be surrounded by green fields and countryside, ensuring that the town remains true to Ebeneezer Howard’s original vision of ‘a marriage of town and country’.

To celebrate this vision, one of the signature projects of the centenary year in 2020 is to develop a circular walk to unite and encompass the whole town, joining existing footpaths and rights of way into a cohesive and very attractive 20.20km circular route.  This route will be a permanent legacy lasting well beyond the centenary year.

The Route

Stanborough South Lake on the Centenary Walk Route

The circular walk takes in some beautiful locations around Welwyn Garden City, including Stanborough Lakes, Mill Green, The Commons local nature reserve, the site of the Panshanger Aerodrome, Tewin Bury, Digswell, Monks Walk, Sherrardspark Woods, Ayot Green, Brocket Hall and Lemsford.

Some sections of the walk will be designated ‘wheelchair friendly’ and clearly marked both on the ground and in the accompanying leaflet.
Spokes will radiate from the perimeter into the town to link with existing town trails and information about historical sites can be seen along the way.

Guided walks

Sherrards Park Woods on the Centenary Walk Route

We are planning occasional guided walks round the route – look out for details on this site if you would like to join one. 

Our launch event will be in April 2020 and be a community walk open to all.  It will be a fundraising event organised by the Welwyn Hatfield Rotary Club, who have an annual sponsored walk in April every year. In 2020, the walk will follow this new route.

The Commons Wildlife Reserve on the Centenary Walk Route

Maps, publicity and leaflets

The walk will be marked with specially designed centenary waymarkers on the trail itself, making it easy to follow with or without a map. There will be information boards at key locations on the route. There will also be a leaflet accompanying the walk – which will also be available online and can be printed at home – highlighting some of the points of interest and history of Welwyn Garden City’s first 100 years. This should be widely available from the beginning of the centenary year.

Brocket Hall on the Centenary Walk Route

What’s happening now?

Work is underway to improve some of the path surfaces, including installing a new bridge in The Commons and a boardwalk in Lemsford. We are grateful to our very generous sponsors for making this possible.

Who is involved?

The project is the responsibility of a group of enthusiastic volunteers – see below. We are working with landowners, Herts County Council, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, local disability groups and local historians. Their support has been invaluable.

This project is linked with the City of Trees, and also the Garden City Welcome project.

The Centenary Walk Organising Team

David Harrison - Part of Centenary Walk Team

David Harrison

Deborah Kirby - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Deborah Kirby

Jan Kitchin

Jan Kitchin

Clare McIntyre - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Clare McIntyre

Diana Walsh - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Diana Walsh

Pat Wells - Part of Centenary Walk Team

Pat Wells


The Foundation can accept no responsibility for the organisation or regulation of any satellite events arranged to mark the centenary of Welwyn Garden City. This includes but is not limited to public liability insurance, health and safety issues (including risk assessments, Performance Licenses and safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults), transport, hiring of facilities, and any costs associated. The use of the Foundation name and logo does not infer any specific oversight or involvement of the Foundation unless stated.”