A arden city with a welcome

Centenary on track

A letter from Dr Dennis Lewis published in the Welwyn Hatfield Times 2nd May 2018 describes the progress being made by the Welcome to Welwyn Garden City or Gateway Team.

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Dave Longman an integral part of the Music & Performing Arts Festival Team until he sadly passed away in early 2018.

Dave Longman

The Foundation was very sorry to learn that Dave Longman passed away suddenly. He was a valued

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Welwyn Garden City School Participation in Welwyn Garden City Centenary Celebrations

Prizes available to WGC schools “happy snappers” in 2020 Centenary competition

Welwyn Garden City celebrates its 100th birthday in 2020; the WGC Photography Club (WGCPC) was first off the starting blocks last year and is continuing to lead from the front. It has again announced and arranged its contribution to the celebrations, starting on 12th February, with the second annual WGC schools photo competition, which was initiated in 2017 and will be repeated each year up to and including 2020.

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The Foundation can accept no responsibility for the organisation or regulation of any satellite events arranged to mark the centenary of Welwyn Garden City. This includes but is not limited to public liability insurance, health and safety issues (including risk assessments, Performance Licenses and safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults), transport, hiring of facilities, and any costs associated. The use of the Foundation name and logo does not infer any specific oversight or involvement of the Foundation unless stated.”